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5 Benefits offered by a SEP – IRA account



What is a SEP IRA, and how can it help you as an entrepreneur?



The challenges for business owners are more significant every day, especially when facing high inflation and a possible recession.


Therefore, Small Business Owners must always search within the field of legality, which instruments can be used to achieve two objectives:

 First, retain and maintain the best human resources and ensure that they are motivated.

 Optimize your tax planning to pay what is right, but not leave extra tips to the IRS.

The SEP - IRA or Simplified Employees Pension - Individual Retirement Accounts, allows employers to contribute to traditional IRA accounts (SEP-IRA) established for employees, regardless of the size of their company.


They are fed only by the employer on behalf of their workers, which allows them to deduct from the company's tax return for the contributions made.



How does the SEP – IRA work 

in Advise Financial?


Opening of accounts and costs.

The opening process is completely free for the company and workers, we will guide them through the necessary steps and additionally we will open their SEP - IRA accounts for workers.


Determine Investor Profile of your workers

Advise Financial will help each worker to determine their investor profile and from Charles Schwab (the Seventh Investment Bank in the USA) we will make the investments for them, with tailor-made low-cost and highly diversified portfolios. 


Our commissions

In our case, we only charge a commission of 0.90% per year of the balance that workers have in their individual retirement accounts, it is automatically charged and has no cost to the company.

Frequent questions:

1How much can I contribute per worker to a SEP IRA?
By 2022 you can contribute up to $61,000 or 25% of the employee's compensation, whichever is less. In 2023 this amount rises to $66,000.
2For how many workers is it suggested to open a SEP IRA?
It is ideal for companies with few employees, from 1 to 20.
3What happens if the worker wants to withdraw their money from the SEP IRA?
Employees can withdraw their money to withdraw their money like any other traditional IRA account, at 59 and a half years of age, at which time they will pay taxes for the withdrawals they make, if they need the money before, they must pay additionally imposed a penalty of 10%.
4Does the money that you contribute to the worker go on your tax return?
This money does not go on the worker's tax return, since it goes directly to the SEP IRA account instead of the worker.
5Where will the money from these SEP IRAs be invested?
Advise Financial will create a tailor-made investment portfolio for each worker, for which it will create an investor profile for each one. This portfolio is managed by our group of specialists through Exchange Traded Funds, with low commissions and high diversification.

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