Your retirement plan should

make you feel secure

and at ease.

Hourly Financial Planning

Pay only for what you really need.

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Wealthy individuals have a well-thought-out financial plan for their retirement. 

Have you created a retirement plan, and do you feel confident about your wealth management strategy? 

Our Hourly Financial Planning service is the solution for you.

Book your complimentary 25-minute session now for financial advice and planning:


  • Financial situation assessment.
  • Review of Retirement Investment Planning.
  • Maximize tax benefits for your retirement.
  • Best time to start collecting Social Security benefits.
  • Any other financial concerns?


Hello! Are you looking for financial planning for your retirement?

Our retirement planner advisor has been named by Investopedia among the Top 100 financial Advisors in the United States; Alonso Rodriguez Segarra, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with more than 20 years of experience, will assist you personally.

With our Fee-Only Fiduciary Service, you only pay for the time you require, without any hidden fees. We offer a personalized financial plan to help you achieve your retirement and wealth management goals.

If you're seeking a second opinion on your finances or need an overview of your pension planning, you've come to the right place.

We help pre-retirees and retirees to achieve Financial Well-being

Many of our clients seek Personal Financial Advice and want a Professional Financial Adviser to assess their retirement readiness without any pressure to purchase financial products or to have to shift their assets to another financial institution or adviser. They want a session with a Professional Financial Advisor for Retirement Planning.

Most of them have no time and prefer to meet with an Online Financial Advisor with whom they can trust their financial secrets because they know we will always look for what is best for them. 

At Advise Financial®, our goal is to transform your finances to transform your life. We offer hourly financial planning services near to you in Florida and Texas and are proud to provide bilingual assistance in Spanish.

What We can do for your finances

We provide solutions for your complex financial questions:

Hourly Financial Planning : We will be your financial adviser, helping you make decisions from preparing for retirement to life as a retiree. You only pay for the time you need.

Investing money can be difficult for those who lack time or knowledge in portfolio management. Many seek a reliable financial advisor to manage their investments.

Get your Free Retirement Overview.

Enjoy our Free Retirement Overview by filling out a brief questionnaire. You'll receive a personalized report from our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

Our mission is to provide greater financial well-being; take advantage of this complimentary opportunity.


Solutions for your Financial Planning and Investment management. 

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Since 2016, at Advise Financial®, we have offered investment advisory services and financial planning regulated by the Office of Financial Regulation in Florida(*).

We are convinced that a better tomorrow is possible, and for this reason, we want to facilitate the selection of the financial advisor and planner you need:

  • Fee-Only, we will not sell you high-commission financial instruments.
  • We adapt to what you needs with our Hourly financial planning service.
  • We are Fiduciary, and achieving what is best for you is our priority.
  • Our services are provided with virtual meetings for your comfort.

Learn more about our history by clicking here:

Should you file for Social Security at 62 or 67?


We’ve created this guide to help you make an informed decision without feeling financially guilty. 

Sign up and Get Your Free Social Security Guide.