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"With our exclusive Advise Financial® Priority service, where you will get:"

  • A financial plan specially tailored for you to guide you along the path towards those long, medium, and short term goals that you have set for yourself, carried out by the hand of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER specialized in Latino families.
  • Managing your investment portfolio serves as the vehicle to take you to those dreams that you want so much, with high diversification and low costs.
  • We will accompany you along the way to suggest the necessary actions to transform your finances and assist you in the doubts you may have about your financial issues, serving as your personal advisor.

What benefits does it offer me?

This service combines all the virtues of Advise Financial® Invesment y Advise Financial® Planning, with what you will get:


How does Advise Financial® Priority work?

"Your Current Financial Reality."

First, we will make a financial diagnosis

We will carry out a personalized survey to determine your current financial reality, establishing the points that must be strengthened and those that must be improved.

"We design your financial dreams."

We will help you visualize those short, medium, and long-term financial goals that you want to achieve in a quantifiable way.

You can paint the retirement of your dreams and know what actions to take today so as not to run out of savings in full retirement.

"Opening your Investment account."

We will open an investment account especially for your portfolio.

where at any time you can make contributions or partial or total withdrawals, in leading institutions in the USA:

  • Charles Schwab for clients in the USA.
  • Interactive Brokers for international clients.

Remembering that the money will never be delivered to Advise Financial®, but will be managed by us from your investment account, being your sole owner.

Suppose you have investment portfolios with other advisors or managed by yourself. In that case, we will include them in the analysis of your profile so that you can have a global vision of your level of risk and the total composition of your investible assets, including risky or speculative investments.

"We accompany you in achieving your goals."

We offer you our financial coaching services because we know that a better tomorrow is possible. After all, if you want to go far, what better way than with professionals who guide you along the way, controlling your plans and actions.

Why with us?


We specialize in successful immigrants;
we know the particularities of
their finances and the
challenges of many immigrants.


Your plan will be made by a
who will present you with a personalized
video so that you can review any point.


Supported by the most modern
technology, used by the most exclusive
Family Office firms in the United States,
but in our case specialized in inmigrants.


We speak your same language and you will have exclusive service and personalized work sessions of your plan with the highest confidentiality, via video conference so that you can review any point. You will receive your plan electronically, which you can access through our client portal and review your situation at all times. We specialize in Latino culture, because as Latinos that we are, we want to transform your finances to transform your life.

Service Proposal

For those clients who manage a balance greater than $ 100,000 under our administration, where we will include with the following commissions, financial planning services, portfolio management, and financial support.

Advise Premium


100.000 - 500.000

Advise VIP


More than 500.000

Fees for services (% annual)0,90%0,80% a 0,70%
Personalized Financial Plan
Portfolio with strategic rebalancing
Investment account opening - USA
Consolidated view of your finances
Chat, mail and phone service
Annual report of financial plan
Meetings to review your plan
9 months6 months
Financial decision analysis
Priority access to a CFP®
External portfolio studyBiannual

We invite you to make an appointment to learn more about our services and how we can:

Transform your finances to transform your life.

Advise Financial® Priority
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