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Noticias Financieras – UP2DATE News de Advise Financial
6 de June de 2024
Retiro en Palm Beach – Florida: ¿Sabes cómo es tu retiro soñado? ¿y por qué es importante?
14 de June de 2024
Noticias Financieras – UP2DATE News de Advise Financial
6 de June de 2024
Retiro en Palm Beach – Florida: ¿Sabes cómo es tu retiro soñado? ¿y por qué es importante?
14 de June de 2024

Palm Beach – Florida Retirement: Do you know what your dream retirement looks like? And why is it important?

Have you ever imagined what your dream retirement in Florida would look like? It’s not just a distant fantasy, but a tangible goal that you can work towards. But why is this vision of your ideal retirement so important? Let’s explore.



For many, the jubilation seems like a learning and indefinite period. However, planning is crucial to converting it into a comfortable and satisfying reality. A fundamental aspect of this process is clearly defining your ideal retirement so that you have a clear idea of whether it can be financially enabled or what you need to do to achieve it. The perfect retirement is a unique and personal concept, as diverse as the people who pursue it. There is no universal answer but a journey of self-discovery that will allow you to design a full and meaningful life stage.


To embark on this journey, I invite you to reflect on the following aspects:



1. Style of life


  • How do you visualize yourself in retirement? Are you an active and adventurous person, enjoying pastimes and travels? Do you want a quieter rhythm dedicated to family and home activities?
  • What frequency do you want to travel with? Dreams of traveling the world or of occasional escapades to specific destinations.



2. Financial aspect


  • How much money is needed to live comfortably during retirement? Consider your primary meals, travel plans, desired activities, and possible unforeseen events.
  • What sources of income will you receive during retirement? Some possibilities include pensions, exemptions, reversals, and partial or full-time work.
  • What financial strategies can be implemented to achieve your horrendous investment goals? If you do not have solid knowledge of the subject, you can seek professional advice to create a personalized plan.



Considering that the average Social Security check Americans receive, according to Fidelity, is $1,771.31 in the month leading up to 2024, it is inevitable that to obtain this unexpected withdrawal, you will have to rely on your 401k, IRA, 403B, 457 and taxable investment accounts.


The essential thing is to know if you are currently on a good path if the balance you have in your retirement accounts will be enough to sustain your retirement, and how much you should be contributing today to reach your goal.


According to a Fidelity study, the average balance of a 401K is around $108,200, so whether you are significantly below this amount or very close to the average, you will undoubtedly need to tighten the accelerator and prove that if you have more than that, you will have to tighten the accelerator. Fifty years will be able to make an additional contribution to your 401K or 403B of $7,500 per year, and if you have an IRA account, you can contribute $1,000 in 2024.


Now, if you are more than aware that you have come to fulfill your goal, maximizing by many years you brought to your retirement plans and living a good life but knowing how far you can go, you certainly have a great question to ask yourself:


How to continue improving your retirement plans and not just from the point of view of inversions, to know if you have the portfolio of inversions that you will gain your financial independence or a fiscal planning strategy can also help you optimize the taxes you tend to pay when you start to receive the Minimum Retirement Requirement from the age of 75, and you will find that you pay much more in taxes than you pay at this age a moment in which he is working.


In this regard, ROTH Conversion strategies can help you spread your tax burden over those years when your contribution is lower. This strategy involves running different scenarios to determine how quickly you can withdraw funds from your retirement plans through specific tax patterns.

In this case, you may be able to rely on a Certified Financial Planner who provides services hourly, which will allow you to have the peace of mind that a specialist has created and selected the courses of action you should follow and thus have a second opinion.




3. Overall well-being:


  • What activities excite you and fill you with satisfaction? Dedicated time to the one who makes you happy; there are times, creative activities, volunteering, or family time.
  • How do you want to stay physically and mentally healthy in retirement? Consider diet plans, regular exercise, activities stimulating your mind, and strategies to keep you socially connected.
  • What would you like to learn or develop during this stage? Retirement is an opportunity to explore new interests, return to studies, or acquire new skills.


Your ideal retreat is a white canvas designed to be painted with the colors of your dreams and aspirations. You can turn it into a tangible reality through introspection, financial planning, and care for your overall well-being.



Why is it important to define your ideal retirement?


1. Establish clear financial goals: A clear vision of your ideal retirement allows you to establish specific and quantifiable financial goals. This helps you determine how much money you need to save and invest to reach your goal.


2. Motivate and emphasize your financial decisionsVisualizing your ideal retirement motivates you to make responsible financial decisions now. To have a clear objective in mind, it is more likely that horrors, two and two, wisely win.


3. Define your desired style of life: Planning your ideal retirement will make you think about how you want to live this stage of your life. You must ask yourself what activities you would like to do. Where would you like to live? What frequency do you want to travel with? Defining these aspects will help you estimate costs and align your financial decisions with your wishes.


4. Promotes making reasonable decisions: Understanding your ideal retirement allows you to identify opportunities that come your way. For example, consider working longer, making additional changes, or exploring more economical living options.


5. Ensure a happy and full joy: Besides financial aspects, defining your ideal retirement helps you plan activities and experiences that bring you satisfaction and meaning at this stage.



In conclusion, defining your ideal retirement is a fundamental step in financial planning. Allow yourself to set clear goals, make responsible decisions, visualize your desired style of life, and increase the possibility of achieving happiness and full joy.




  • It’s never too late to start planning your retirement.


  • Define your ideal retirement in a specific and realistic manner.


  • Consult a certified financial advisor and trustee who offers Hourly Financial Planning services to obtain personalized guidance. In short, a certified financial planner can be an invaluable resource to help you achieve a happy, comfortable, and safe retirement. His experience and specialized knowledge can guide him through the complex financial planning process and bring him peace of mind, knowing he is on the road to reaching his goals.


"If you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else." —Lawrence J. Peter.

Alonso Rodriguez Segarra, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, stands out for his unique approach to financial planning services, which he provides on an hourly basis, meeting fiduciary criteria. With a remarkable 20 years of experience in the financial world, and he has been named one of the 100 Best Financial Advisors by Investopedia. UU.

Note: The comments given in this guide are only for educational purposes. Before making a financial decision, consult your financial advisor or conduct the corresponding investigations. Remember that historical results are no guarantee of future returns. This guide does not consider the impact of taxes on the comments submitted. Always consult your particular case with a specialist. We are not your financial advisor, so remember that each case differs.

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Alonso Rodríguez Segarra
Alonso Rodríguez Segarra
Founder & CEO Advise Financial Alonso Rodriguez Segarra is a “CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™” named by Investopedia among the Top 100 Financial Advisors in the USA  with more than 20 years of experience. His specialty is helping those people who want to plan for their retirement or optimize their retirement, with Hourly Financial Planning always looking for the best for his clients, under fiduciary criteria.

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