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5 tips para saber cuándo es el momento de despedir a su asesor financiero y cómo la planificación por horas puede ayudar
2 de July de 2024
Financial Planning
Celebre la Libertad: Lograr la Independencia Financiera para su Jubilación en Florida antes de los 55 años.
4 de July de 2024
5 tips para saber cuándo es el momento de despedir a su asesor financiero y cómo la planificación por horas puede ayudar
2 de July de 2024
Financial Planning
Celebre la Libertad: Lograr la Independencia Financiera para su Jubilación en Florida antes de los 55 años.
4 de July de 2024

Celebrate Freedom: Achieving Financial Independence for Your Florida Retirement before 55 years old.

As we celebrate our nation’s independence this 4th of July, what about achieving your own independence – financial independence in retirement?


The Fourth of July in the United States is a celebration of independence from British rule, symbolizing the freedom to govern oneself and establish one’s own destiny as a nation. We want to take advantage of this day to remind you that you too can achieve financial independence during your retirement, free from a salary and in control of your time.


Financial independence means having enough passive income to cover your basic expenses and live the life you want without depending on a traditional job. It’s about reaching a point where your investments, savings, or assets generate enough income to maintain your lifestyle without the need to work for a salary.


Financial Independence


Financial independence offers several benefits that can significantly enhance your life in various ways. Some of the most important benefits include:


Freedom and flexibility:


– Control over your time:

Financial independence allows you to use your time as you prefer. Whether it’s pursuing activities you are passionate about, spending more time with your family and friends, or simply enjoying your free time without financial pressures.


– Freedom to choose your job:

You won’t be compelled to work in a job that you don’t like or that doesn’t fulfill you just because of financial need. You can choose to work in something that motivates you or even dedicate yourself completely to your hobbies or ventures.



– Possibility of traveling:

Having financial security allows you to travel when and where you want, without having to worry about your budget.


– Peace of mind:


Knowing that you have your basic needs covered and that you don’t depend on a salary to live gives you great peace of mind.



Financial security:


Protection against unforeseen events:

Financial independence gives you a financial cushion that protects you against unforeseen events such as the loss of your job, a serious illness or an economic crisis.


Ability to achieve goals:

By having your finances in order, you will be able to achieve long-term financial goals, such as buying a house, paying for your children’s education or starting your own business.


Legacy for your family:

You will be able to leave a financial legacy to your family, if you want, giving them security and economic stability in the future.



Personal well-being:


Less stress:

Financial independence frees you from the stress and anxiety that comes with financial uncertainty.


Greater life satisfaction:

By having control over your financial life and being able to pursue your dreams. You will be able to experience greater satisfaction with your life in general.


Greater personal fulfillment:

Financial independence allows you to dedicate time to the things that really matter to you and that make you feel fulfilled as a person.


Remember that financial independence is not a luxury, but a tool that can help you live a fuller and more satisfying life. If you are willing to put in the necessary effort and discipline, you can achieve it and enjoy all its benefits.


Financial Independence


Why is Florida a good place to retire?


Florida, and Palm Beach County in particular, offers a few advantages that make it an attractive place to retire, especially for those who have achieved financial independence:



Florida is known for its warm, sunny weather for most of the year, making it an ideal destination for those looking to escape the cold northern winters.


Living Costs:

While the cost of living in Florida may be higher than in some parts of the country, Palm Beach County offers relatively affordable options. Especially compared to other popular areas for retirees. There is a wide range of housing options, from oceanfront condos to more remote cottages, to suit different budgets.



Florida has no state income tax, making it an attractive place for retirees looking to reduce their tax burden. Additionally, Palm Beach County has relatively low property taxes compared to other South Florida counties.


Financial Independence


Activities and Entertainment:

Palm Beach County offers a wide variety of activities and entertainment for retirees, including:



The county has over 47 miles of beautiful white sand beaches.


Golf Courses:

There are over 150 golf courses in the county, making it a paradise for golf lovers.


Museums and Theaters:

The county is home to a large number of museums and theaters that offer a variety of exhibitions and shows throughout the year.



The county offers a diverse culinary scene, with restaurants serving cuisine from around the world.



Palm Beach County has some of the best hospitals and medical centers in the country, ensuring that retirees have access to quality health care.



Palm Beach County has a vibrant and welcoming retirement community, with plenty of opportunities to socialize and make new friends.



Palm Beach County has a relatively low crime rate, making it a safe place to live.



However, it is important to keep in mind that retirement anywhere involves careful planning. You will need to consider your individual needs and preferences, as well as your budget, when deciding whether Florida and Palm Beach County are the right place for you.


Do you dream of a peaceful, carefree retirement in Florida? I encourage you to regularly review your investments and consider seeking a second opinion from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, as it is always beneficial and necessary.  Currently, at Advise Financial we provide an Hourly Financial Advisory service, where we do not necessarily manage our clients’ assets, but rather provide them with advice on their investment process and give them tips on how they could optimize it.

In my daily work, I help people transform their finances to transform their lives. As a certified financial planner and fiduciary, I work on an hourly basis and have experience in assisting individuals in achieving financial independence for their dream retirement.


My objective is to offer you a completely free exploratory session where you can bring your financial questions and we can brainstorm ideas to optimize your finances. This will help you achieve financial independence in the future, just as the United States celebrates its independence today.


Happy 4th of July!

Alonso Rodriguez Segarra, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™

Stands out for his unique approach to financial planning services, which he provides on an hourly basis, meeting fiduciary criteria. With a remarkable 20 years of experience in the financial world, and he has been named one of the 100 Best Financial Advisors by Investopedia. UU.

Note: The comments given in this guide are only for educational purposes. Before making a financial decision, consult your financial advisor or conduct the corresponding investigations. Remember that historical results are no guarantee of future returns. This guide does not consider the impact of taxes on the comments submitted. Always consult your particular case with a specialist. We are not your financial advisor, so remember that each case differs.

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Alonso Rodríguez Segarra
Alonso Rodríguez Segarra
Founder & CEO Advise Financial Alonso Rodriguez Segarra is a “CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™” named by Investopedia among the Top 100 Financial Advisors in the USA  with more than 20 years of experience. His specialty is helping those people who want to plan for their retirement or optimize their retirement, with Hourly Financial Planning always looking for the best for his clients, under fiduciary criteria.

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